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Parents in the water

Parent (one) and Infant/Toddler

This beginner-level program allows Mom (or Dad) to be in the water with their infant/toddler, as early as possible, receiving orientation from a professional instructor. We work towards developing the child’s natural instincts with water, in addition to primary skills such as buoyancy, propulsion, and breath control. Aquamotion provides one of the leading programs in the country for developing young swimmers.

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POLLYWOG (intro class) 6 month – 2 Years Max 8 Tots

Mandatory Introduction class to Seahorse. This class is required prior to attending the Seahorse Parent and Tot class. This one time class will get the parent familiar with the process and requirements of the Seahorse class.

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SEAHORSE  6 months – 18 months – Max 6 Tots

This is the only class that allows for one of the parents to be in the water. Parents will learn how to hold and work directly with their child. The main focus is to teach the child to float on their back and become comfortable holding their breath and being submerged under water.


Classes For Beginners

Our beginners level goal is to make children water-safe by learning the important skill of back-floating.
This ability is proved to be the best technique one can learn to prevent drowning in any body of water.

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CLOWNFISH 1 year – 3 years Max 3 Tots per class (instructor plus assistant)

Assistant sits near the pool (if necessary, depending on the class’s ratio). Parents are not allowed in the pool deck. In Clownfish, the instructor works with one child at a time, teaching them how to float on their back, go underwater holding their breath, crawling along the wall with their hands, as well as other important survival skills.

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ANGELFISH  3 years – 8 years Max 4 kids per class

As the students progress through the Angelfish class, they will be able to float on their back, submerge underwater then come up to breathe, and kick to the wall so they can grab it. They will then be ready to move up to the next level. (This is the same class structure as Clownfish. The difference is that this class does not require a pool assistant during the class since the children are older)


Classes For Intermediates

There are 2 Intermediate levels. The Goldfish level the children will learn the basic freestyle strokes, such as arms, kicks, and streamline. They will also continue to work on the back propulsion while floating. The Dolphin level children will learn the 3 main strokes (Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke).

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GOLDFISH 3 years – 10 years Max 4 kids per class

Your child has already learned the most important safety survival skill – floating on their back independently. In this new level, your child will learn the basic swimming stroke called Freestyle. This is the basis of learning how to swim and the Goldfish level builds confidence in preparation for the next level, which will incorporate two new strokes.

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DOLPHIN 4 years –12 years Max 6 kids per class

After learning the basis of Freestyle, they are now introduced to Backstroke and Breaststroke. This level will work on improving your child’s Freestyle techniques; also learning arm and leg movements, skills, and breathing coordination. We utilize a variety of drills and equipment for each stroke. By the conclusion of this level, your child will have a good understanding of these 3 main strokes. The student will graduate to our final level, Stingray.


Classes For Advanced

In our last level, Stingray, the children will perfect the 3 main strokes utilizing several dryland and water drills, and will learn the last of the main  strokes, Butterfly.
The student will develop endurance and stamina to perform in larger pools.  

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STINGRAY  6 years – 13 years  Max kids 8 per class
The instructor will focus on the details of breathing techniques, corrections of the arms and legs, and drills for better coordination in all 4 swimming styles, including the final stroke, Butterfly! This is a fast-paced class where we work to continue to build your child’s endurance, stamina, and techniques. Upon the completeion of the Stingray level, our student(s) will be ready to join a Swim Team.

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AQUAMOTION Swim School is an innovative learn-to-swim facility equipped with complete resources to provide the best swim instruction for infants, children, pre-competitive swimmers, and adults. For 10 years we have been offering the highest level of aquatic education to children and adults of all ages. Our aim is to do so in a family-friendly, safe, and enjoyable environment.


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