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PollyWog Mascot MEDAL

Parent and Tot Ÿ w/Parents in the water

POLLYWOG (intro class) Ÿ 6 month – 2 Years Ÿ Max 8 Tots

Mandatory Introduction class to Seahorse. This class is required prior to attending the Seahorse Parent and Tot class. This one time class will get the parent familiar with the process and requirements of the Seahorse class.

SEAHORSE Ÿ 6 months – 2 years ŸMax 6 Tots

This is the only class that allows for one of the parents to be in the water.This class instructs the parents how to hold and work directly with their child. The main focus of this class is to teach the child to float on their back, which is achieved by using the same repetitive movements in every class. The child will also become comfortable holding their breath and being submerged under water.

Beginner Levels 

CLOWNFISH Ÿ 1 year – 3 years Ÿ Max 3 Tots per class (instructor only/parent can sit on pool deck if necessary)

Parent sits near the pool (optional) but does not go in the water. The instructor works with one child at a time teaching them how to float on their back, go under water houlding their breath, as well as other important safety skill.

ANGELFISH Ÿ 3 years – 8 years Ÿ Max 4 per class

This is the same class structure as the Clownfish. The difference is that the parents will be seating comfortably in the viewing area. The children sit on the pool edge while the Instructor works with one child at a time teaching them to float on their back, go under water, retrieve toys at the bottom of the pool, and other fun activities. As they progress the student will be able to float on their back independently, and it will be ready to move up to the next level.

    Intermediate Levels

GOLDFISH Ÿ 3 years – 10 years Ÿ Max 4 per class

Your child has already learned the survival technique, which is the ability of floating onto his/her back. On this new level your child will learn the basic back and front propulsion technique, also known as freestyle. This is the basis of learning how to swim. This level builds confidence in preparation of the next level.

DOLPHIN Ÿ 3 years –13 years Ÿ Max 6 per class

This level will work on your child’s improvement of the freestyle and will introduce to both the breaststroke and the backstroke. By the conclusion of this level your child will have better endurance and a good understanding of these 3 main strokes.

Advanced Levels

STINGRAY Ÿ 4 years – 13 years Ÿ Max 6 per class

The instructor will focus on the details of the breathing techniques and the correct use of the arms and legs to perfect the strokes learned on the previous level. This is a faster paced class where we will also work with your child to build their endurance and stamina. Your child will learn the final stroke, the butterfly. Once they are comfortable with all 4 strokes they are ready to move to the next level.

MARLIN Ÿ 5 years – No age limit Ÿ Max 8 per class

Now that your child has learned the 4 most important strokes they are ready to focus on improving their stamina and endurance. This final level puts focus on pre-swim team competencies. Your child is now a good swimmer, which will put you at ease to know they can swim safe under normal swimming conditions. Congratulations!


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